Hakusui pension village
in south Aso Kumamoto

The wind of New Zealand Harmony

Introduction of owner

Hiroshi Oyama
November 28

Tomoko Oyama
June 23
Tessy Oyama
June 30
Hobby A guitar, reading, and Cessna plane operation Music appreciation, reading, handicraft, and cleaning Nap
Special ability Father gag is fired. The spot is heaped up. English only.
Favorite food "noodles everything" White boiled rice and seafood I wants to eat a lot, but I can't...
A favorite car It is "Z" when it is! Only distinction of light and a standard-sized car is made. ??
Work experience coaching school, the English-conversation classroom, and the piano classroom were managed till March, 2003 1 large decision to feel a physical limit and to yield corporate management to the direction (also present under business)! My motto is"offer Considering vitality as peacefulness by talk of a night"in managing a pension.
I wish to make it the pension of "relaxation for you. Since the permanent residency was acquired to New Zealand and family studying abroad was carried out for three years If
it consults about studying abroad or a foreign life.
As the person in charge of the piano classroom section which a master manages till March, 2003 greatly planned to play [ taking an examination / a contest, ] an active part. It always needed energy for me to keep this jpb. It decided to yield a young generation about here and to return to private life. since my target attained, there is no regret any longer the language called "-- leaving -- 1 large decision It is wishing that a successor's young men do their best in the rest. The "pension of recreation and relaxation" for you is aimed at like the master. She needs to diet but she can't...
Family wife,two sons, and a dog husband ,two sons, and a dog I am staying with dad and mum.
Dream I've found a great place in Aso that made my second life. I hope I enjoy this job and you people! And also, I want to say"thank you"after we enjoyed and We are welcome from you!! The "second life I hope you'll like it and I wish to hear"will be back again"from you. This is my new life in Kumamoto. I love everyone so please be friendly with me. I just understand english thogh